After spending all that money on that beautiful new Apple Watch Series 4, consider protecting that investment with a case on your Apple Watch, particularly if you work or play someplace where damage can easily occur. Here are some of the best released so far.

This ultimate tank

Catalyst Impact

Staff Favorite

This heavy-duty all-in-once case and band combo is meant to stand up against major impact, and it's been drop-tested up to 9.9 feet. A cut-out on the back ensures your Apple Watch retains the ability to monitor your heart activity. If you still want a screen protector, there is room for that too. The included band is a breathable sports band. It comes in both 40mm and 44mm sizes.

44mm: $50 at Amazon

Simple, clear bumper

Honejeen TPU Case

Honejeen's transparent bumper style TPU case slips onto the Apple Watch so there's no need for complicated installations and fidgeting. Though the watch screen itself isn't covered, the bumper's lip goes over the edge of the screen for extra protection. This particular case is fantastic if you're looking for a most cost-efficient accessory. It fits the 44mm Apple Watch Series 4.

$6 at Amazon

Four is better than one

i-Blason Halo TPU Apple Watch Series 4 case

If you're looking for a minimalistic, flexible case that'll give you 360 degrees of protection and a variety of colors to play with, then take a peek at this i-Blason Halo case. This particular Apple Watch accessory is made from a shock-resistant material that keeps your Apple Watch safe while still allowing you access to all buttons and controls. It also comes in four different transparent colors, including clear, purple, pink, and blue.

$10 at Amazon

Basic black

YUSHUANG Apple Watch Protector

This bumper-style black TPU case is designed to be shock-proof. It offers protection and a simple, rugged style. It's also made with a raised bezel, so you don't have to stress about deeply scratching your Apple Watch Series 4 screen. It comes in both 40mm and 44mm sizes.

$7–$8 at Amazon

Ultra protection on a budget

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Rugged Protective Apple Watch Series 4 case

Some people need a simple case for their Apple Watch Series 4, and other people need a whole arsenal! If you're someone who wants the latter, then we suggest taking a gander at the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Rugged Protective Apple Watch Series 4 case. This super durable, highly-rated case is rugged and scratch-, dust-, and life-resistant. It comes with a raised bezel to protect your screen and comes in four different colors.

$20 at Amazon

Minimal yet protective

SLEO Ultra thin flexible Apple Watch Series 4 case

Keep it simple, keep it safe, and keep it slick with this SLEO case. This particular Apple Watch case is made of a high-quality TPU. The raised bezel protects your screen from scratches, while the lightweight and ultra-thin design still allow access to all buttons and ports. It comes in five different color combinations, including black, gray and black, pink and white, red and black, and white and black.

$12–$13 at Amazon

Practically invisible

OUPODE Soft clear TPU Bumper Apple Watch Series 4 case

Love the idea of a case for your Apple Watch, but not the look of one? Then we recommend checking out this case for OUPODE. This highly-rated case is incredibly thin and clear, making it virtually invisible on your wrist. The TPU material allows for extra wear-and-tear throughout the day, while the clear TPU bumper doesn't limit the use of any buttons or functions. This specific Apple Watch Series 4 case is super affordable and comes in 40mm and 44mm sizes.

$7 at Amazon

Budget 2-pack

Smilelane ultra-thin transparent Apple Watch Series 4 case

Keep it thin, keep it sleek, and keep it protected with some help from the Smilelane ultra-thin transparent Apple Watch Series 4 case 2-pack. This particular case covers all sides of your Apple Watch and is made from a sturdy yet flexible TPU material. It also allows access to all buttons and functions of your Series 4 and is super easy to clean if it gets dirty. The best part? It'll look like it's barely there. Plus, you get two for the price of one.

$8-$10 at Amazon

Extra waterproofing

Catalyst Waterproof

This premium case-and-band combo offers 6.6-foot drop protection plus a waterproof score of IP68, which means you're protected in more than a meter of water. The Catalyst Waterproof case is pricey, but it's ideal for divers.

$70 at Amazon

Coordinating colors

Spigen Apple Watch Case

Spigen's TPU bumper-style case that offers real protection comes in several colors to coordinate with Apple's Sport Bands. As with most Spigen products, the price is right and you get a lot for your money. Choose from Black, White, or Rose Gold (light pink). It comes in both the 40mm and the 44mm sizes.

40mm: $11-$12 at Amazon

There are so many different ways that you can protect your Apple Watch Series 4 that it can be hard to pick just one. If you're in need of serious protection, the Catalyst Impact, which comes in both 40mm and 44mm sizes is the way to go. Whichever option you choose, we hope this list was super helpful.

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